Thursday, May 23, 2013

The outdoor shower

Getting back into the swing here has been a challenge as all I want to do is focus on relaxing and getting my pool project completed!  We are finishing up the cabana over the next couple of weeks and then it is onto planting, sprinklers and dirt.. lots and lots of dirt.

My current focus is on the little outdoor shower that will be on the side of the cabana.  I love this look and just cannot wait to get it all together here.  I need opinions please- do you have an outdoor shower?  Do you love it?  Any suggestions on hardware?  This exposed look is what I am after and have found a few things but I always love a few choices that come with recommendations!

I found this little pretty but I am a little worried about the finish being exposed to the elements.


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French said...

We had an outdoor shower next to our pool, and it was used heavily for decades. Functional, but before outdoor showers got pretty; we used it out of the pool and after the beach before we went inside. It was very practical, as anyone who has had a tub full of beach sand knows! Someone took the shower head off, but you might inspire me to replace it!

Karen Albert said...

I agree with Andrea even though I don't have an outside shower, friends have and it wonderful to get the sand off..

Art by Karena

Shalini Ganguli said...

The black one is so sleek. I've only used outdoor showers in hotels and swimming pools! Feel a little exposed though. :)

ZSUZSA said...

We have an outdoor shower by the pool, at the back of our house. It is close to one of the water heaters, so we plumbed it for both hot and cold water, which is nice. I have planted some red ginger in front of it, and it provides a nice little privacy screen. We chose a large rain shower head and ran the plumbing behind the wooden "wall" we built for the back of the shower. I will post some pictures of it on my blog to give you a better idea.

Monica said...

Whiling living in Florida my neighbors had outdoor showers and so wish I had one. You will get great use out of yours. I know that bronze look has been a favorite of mine and with stood the elements.