Saturday, April 27, 2013

Design Traveler: Trip planning

I don't know about you but I am a total trip planner..  I like to have an itinerary that notes just about everything (there is always a section for free time-but it is noted!)  I was at dinner with my Mom and Sister last week and my Sister said to me- "I don't like to travel with anyone else, you always have everything planned.  I don't have to worry about anything, I know our next move and what I am supposed to be doing when I get there."  Some people love this and let's face it some do not love it.  I am a planner, I have to have all of this in one place or I will never find it when I need it most, because on top of being a planner I am always a little bit late and a little bit frazzled!  This type of pre planning keeps the vacation moving for me and those with me or we would never make a decision. 

So I have been planning our trip for the past few weeks and I keep finding more things I would like to do.  I have been to Paris several times and there are so many wonderful parts, I want to see something new each and every time but I still want to visit my favorites for a second, third, fourth.. well you get the idea.  I have been stalking Paris blogs and I have fallen deeply for this one.. Paris in Four Months, mostly because she is living a dream and because her images are beautiful, but also because she is posting about sweets around Paris a lot!!! 

So now I have too many things on our list and I think we will be running from one musee to the next or I might have to eliminate something somewhere.. so sad! (But so exciting at the same time!) 

I would love to hear how you plan for your trips?  Do you make a list and do what you feel like when you arrive?  Do you plan every outfit for every occassion including accessories, like one of my best friends?  Do you fly by the seat of your pants?

image via (another group of beautiful paris pics)

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Karen Albert said...

Hi Christina, I plan for the highlights of the trip however I am flexible if an invitation or sleep (ha!) is needed.

I admit to being an over-packer, and am working on that.

PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
Art by Karena

Monica said...

You are awesome with your details. I jumped to visit 4months in Paris great blog and wonderful photos too. When planning trips my first thing is comfort (clothing) since walking will be abundant. I do read a lot on the internet for ideas and reviews which is time saving. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time.

Mary said...

Christina - I NEVER fly by the seat of my pants - like you I'm always totally organized and prepared with lists and notes. In these days of travel it's the only way because one slip up and security may not allow you to even get on that plane!!!

I plan my clothing in a meticulous manner because I hate to be caught with the wrong things in the wrong place! Shoes are the most difficult - I love to have several pairs but they are heavy. I wear black loafers to travel in - easy to get off; take a very lightweight pair of Puma trainers; Keene Whisper sandals for expedition travel - great for everything, wet or dry; two pairs flat ballet style shoes for evenings. On big cruise ships I tuck in a pair of heels for shipboard dining. Because I travel often, and much of it involves expedition/adventure travel and ships, I've just about got it down to a science. Those trips are lengthy and sometimes require clothes for very cold/very hot on one journey (like January's S. America/Antarctica trip) - those are the two rolling duffels trips! Going over to England to visit home I now take less stuff and an almost empty suitcase - then I can shop for things I miss here the States. I will do the same when returning to France next year - always want to buy a lot of loveliness there! African safaris are difficult - very limited luggage - one no-wheels duffel as it has to squish into 8-seater planes, also has to be light as the weight allowances really small. Have managed it twice though - and thankfully most good camps do laundry for you!

You will have another fabulous visit to Paris I'm certain. See what you can on the run, then take time to just sit in those lovely Paris cafes and watch the world go by..........that's my favorite part of Paris visits.

Happy week - Mary

P.S. I have my collapsible clothing rack out right now - today I start searching the closet for what to take on my upcoming journey.........exciting places, details coming to the blog soon!

Chris said...

I, too, am a planner. I have a list but it is always subject to change at a moment's notice. A brief list of where and when, musee' hours or days closed. Night listings for those places or classes that can be visited then to spare precious daylight time. Traveling with an open mind and schedule to Paris with much too much to see and do and as always, sooo little time!
By the way, your post on Montauk...I'm stopping there on my way home from France!
Great minds think alike!? ;)