Saturday, March 9, 2013

Klismos dining chairs...

I am totally obsessed with the Klismos chairs, it seems I am not alone.  The chairs design dates back to the ancient Greeks so I see some staying power.  There are so many styles and types currently available it can be hard to find just the right piece.

These are beautiful and the legs are so elegant.

Clean and contemporary and I love the boxy feel of the back.

Simple and modern with upholstered seats and nail head detailing


I love the open rope style seat on these.

Contemporary legs and an open back.

These are the beauties that I am waiting on for my own kitchen with a little bit of it all and the contrast in color they are perfect for me!


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Evagelia said...

Klismos chairs are of Greek origin.

christina @ greige said...


This is what happens when I am tired. I read one thing and type another! Thank you!

Splenderosa said...

Oh, I wish they were for outdoors, I could use them in my new arrangement.

Robyn said...

Oh my gosh,I am in love! These chairs are the best looking chairs I've seen in a long time. So creative! Finally a chair to get excited about...thank you!

Katherine said...

You just know before sitting down that the curvy back is going to embrace you. In addition to being a sexy style the chairs are comfortable.
I like the dark charcoal with cream seats.

Lavender said...

The open rope aspect of the chair is beautiful from an artistic perspective...but my bottom would object.

Our dining room meals are usually long drawn out affairs, evenings of fabulous food and wine and great conversation. It would take days to work out the cross hatching from the nether regions.