Tuesday, February 12, 2013

inspired {tuesday}

I have been wandering around the internet for while and was feeling quite inspired.  I dream of doing this with my hair at least one day over the coming holiday weekend.  We shall see how far I get... but I absolutely love it.

I wish I could be this romantic for Valentine's day this year...absolutely gorgeous...

image via

I am currently obssessed with arrows right now- I am pretty sure that they belong on everything..so so cool.

necklace from white truffle studio

I am planning our next trip and have been reading Janelle's latest book to get ready.  I cannot wait to share it all with you!


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michele said...

ha! i just saved your first image a few minutes ago! taking it to my next hair appointment to replicate it!

and is the last image at hotel carnavalet? one of my favoritest favoritest visits!

happy tuesday, to you kindred spirit.


Barbara Mugnai said...

Thank you for this post!
I didn't know about Janelle and I'm so happy to know it now.
Thank you for sharing

Mary said...

I looked up Janelle's book - wow, I must get that before I return to Paris - sounds awesome.

You must have amazing hair to be planning that lovely romantic 'do'...............hope we get a photo of you soon.

Hugs - Mary

Monica said...

Jumped over to view the book how exciting to visit Paris. I look forward to your photos when the time comes.