Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gjelina, Venice

When I was in Venice last month I stopped in at gjelina on Abbott Kinney for a little lunch by myself.   Which is perfectly fun if you ask me.  I was a bit before the lunch rush and much of the restaurant was empty when I started taking photos inconspicuously with my phone.  I know it is bad but I like to take photos of things that make my imagination spin, and I was not sure if they would say yes.  
It is one of the best restaurant interiors I have seen in California lately, and I fell for the boho charm that was pouring from everywhere, even the wait staff had a little boho hippy vibe going on.  
 They have a great vintage mix of furnishings and details, with a lot of communal seating which reminds me of  my favorite restaurants in France.  

Usually a  restaurant with a great vibe will carry it all the way to the bath rooms.  Which they definitely did and they did it well.  I loved the little wheel to turn the water on and off mounted directly through the mirror.  Hello!

Super cool embossed wallpaper in the hall.

Not to mention that my lunch was amazing.  By the time I was finished the place was full and a little loud.  I left wanting to come back for more- with a friend even would be nice!   
Address: 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
Phone:(310) 450-1429

images by christina for greige

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Francine Gardner said...

It looks fabulous and i love the outdoor space.

Lost in Provence said...

Christina, I loved this post. I am such a restaurant geek. Even for ones that I will never go to! So thanks for passing the inspiration on.

Mumbai said...

I can feel the great vibe, smell the
good food and imagine all the nice people around. A kind of restaurant I real like.

hong kong property said...

very vintage! and i love the wallpaper!

Patricia Moran Elements of Grace said...

Christina, I have never seen such a lovely and unique sink. The spicot included. Thank you for sharing these photos. Not everyone would take such great shots in the rest room and allow us to view vicariously!

French said...

I'm not impressed with a lot of restaurants, but I love love love this one for the food and the decor. I wish I lived closer, so I could have that pizza again! said...

When my daughter and I were in Santa Monica last month we went there for dinner. A recommendation by a good friend. We loved it too. One of the owners or perhaps a former chef (can't remember) opened a restaurant here in Marin called Mill Valley Beer Works. Similar vibe - if you are ever up this way.

studiothreetwofive said...

You know its good when there's Aesop soap in the bathroom!