Monday, January 14, 2013

white tulips..

My goodness did the weekend go quickly?!  I did get my fill of the whole taking care of business though.  Now back to regular work I suppose.

Doesn't it feel good to do a little bit of clean up and organize in your personal life?  Some Saturdays I feel like I spend hours just organizing the mess that my house has become during the week.  Then on Sunday I can take some time for myself, just a smidge though, they certainly don't want me to get spoiled!  

I picked up these tulips for  myself on Friday and finally used one of my favorite little vases. I am so excited for Spring this year and cannot wait for it to warm up and everything to start blooming again, these give me a little something to keep me going.  Usually January is the most difficult month for me to wait through in anticipation of the coming warmer days ahead.  How about you are you ready for Spring to arrive?

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Karen Albert said...

Christina I adore tulips, the last Holiday Party I had, there were scads of tulips everywhere!

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Robyn said...

I can't wait for the warmer weather either, Christina. I grow beds and beds of white tulips and then fill the house with them in the spring. I hadn't thought of using white vases before, that is so lovely!

Kristie Franklin said...

Tulips are a favorite of mine too. I used to wait for mine to bloom and when I would see the first bit of green popping through the earth I knew spring was on it's way! :)

PURA VIDA said...

they do go by fast which is good until it gets to be April..then we can slooooow it down!

Unknown said...

Tulips... Love the way they dance...And white ones... so pure, clean and elegant. Lovely image, Christina!

Nancy said...

I am already looking forward to spring. February is often the coldest month here in Virginia for us, but so far it has been rainy and mild. We have horses, so the rain just makes for a hot mess at the barn, so I can't wait for warm sunny days.
I love tulips most of all, since they remind me of spring!
xo Nancy