Monday, January 7, 2013

clean slate..

Oh my goodness are we really moving on this new year thing.  Without a moments rest we will be having a photo shoot with One Kings Lane today and then in a dead run to complete some projects for February.  I am looking forward to redesigning the shop and the portfolio site for a fresh new face for 2013 too.  I did take a little time late on Saturday night to catch up on some blog reading and I noticed some very inspiring New Year Resolution lists out there, I feel as if I should make a formal one for myself, how about you did you make a list?

What have you been up to in this new year?
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PURA VIDA said...

ooo I spy a turkish towe and am so in the market for a few!

Karen Albert said...

Great image Christina!

I am putting getting stronger and healthy at the top of my list. Then paying it forward and everyday making someone's life a little brighter!

All the Best
Art by Karena

Kristie Franklin said...

I quit making lists long ago. It seemed my goals were a bit to lofty and I never quite made the grade. Ha

Now, I just roll out of bed each morning and fly by the seat of my pants! HA