Sunday, January 20, 2013

beach time.. San Clemente, Ca

I made a little promise to myself for this year, well several actually, but this one involves you my lovely readers... I wanted to include more original content here on the blog.  I have a deep love for photography and I used to spend a lot of time taking photos, but had really abandoned it last year in the hurried life I was leading.  I promised myself that I would pick up my "big" camera and use it, really use it, try to capture more of my life in photos, my work in photos and all of the things that I want to share with you.  I found that through my love affair with instgram, that what I love most is manipulating the photos I take and the artistic part of changing them to how I want them to feel.  I hope you don't mind, it is just time to evolve a little here.  

I am hoping that it will also give us a chance to see a little more of California, as in get me out of the office a little more to inspire me creativity.  Besides who doesn't love the beach in the middle of January! 

images christina fluegge for greige
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Lost in Provence said...

These are gorgeous, Christina! Yet another talent of yours?! And how lovely of you to take us along for a much, much needed break to the beach. Merci!

Kristie Franklin said...


These are beautiful photos! I think you did a fantastic job capturing these. Its hard to believe that you haven't taken any pictures since last sure could have fooled me! Lovely!

Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome post! And I love the blog:)
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Karen Albert said...

Christina I have spent a lot of time in San Clemente. When I lived in San Diego, after I lost my husband I would go up on weekends to stay at a dear friends with my Scotties, Joey & Carole Anne!

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Suzanne at Lake and Garden said...

I love a winter beach!
Thank you for sharing & I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

Kamela Hurley said...

Your pictures are beautiful and I think Pinterest can sometimes make a blogger forget the need to create original content. Life is hectic. I get it!

thedreameryblog said...

That's the beauty of living on the west be able to enjoy an afternoon at the beach and take beautiful photographs like these!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! Took a mini vacation just looking at your photos, Christina. Lovely composition and lighting. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Judy G.