Saturday, December 8, 2012

collecting... life

I adore collections and a little collection under glass is a wonderful thing.  I am hesitating on my holiday decor this year.  We have a trip planned and between that and the work I have to complete before the holiday is enough to keep me busy for 2 months really!  I have a cloche in my living room that I need to reset, change up with new little mementos from the year that is about to be complete.  It is a fun chore but still a chore that gets pushed to the side in this holiday craziness!  
How about you are you holding out on the holiday madness or are you taking it all in with all of the magic all around you?  I promise when I do get to the decorations I will post some photos here for everyone to see again this year.  This is what we have done in years past.... 2010 and 2011

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Tibs said...

Oh, under glass collections have been my favourites since i was a child. They have a special charm. Yours is beautiful!

Eleni said...

Stunning display! Enjoy the weekend Christina! xoxo

Kristie Franklin said...

I love items under glass and I like the one you are is so lovely!

If this years decorations are anything like the decor of 2010, 2011 they will be gorgeous! :)

ENGEL BERT said...

good look of feather from glass,good idea.

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