Monday, November 12, 2012

Molly Wood Garden Design {fall}

Last week I had a chance to stop by my friend Molly's shop for a little table-scaping class she was having.  She has the best selection of goodies and plants!  It is always an inspiration to walk through the garden and the shop.  
This is just a peek at the goodness that she has going on there.  
For more info on Molly and her services stop by her site.

Molly Wood Garden Design
1660 Orange Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627 

P 949.548.1611
F 949.548.8557

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Kristie Franklin said...

Lovely shop! I could do with a little table-scaping class myself. I love the beads in the first image.

Claudia Lane said...

so inspirational! Thanks for sharing. C.

Molly Wood Garden Design Wood Jeremias said...

Thanks Christina!

thedreameryblog said...

The succulents are just beautiful! Such a great shop!

Beth Pearlman said...

Wow, lovely inspiring images. Thanks for brightening my "Chicago" day! Beth