Monday, November 19, 2012

greige and green..

We have been searching for the perfect fireplace and I dream of something this beautiful.  Although it would need to be scaled down quite a bit I love the feeling it brings to the space.  This room seems so clean yet comforting and that little touch of color in the table and the pillow makes it perfect for me.

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Katherine said...

The simplicity of the room itself sets the tone for 'less is more'. When natures elements set the stage, you don't need a lot to make the room look decorated.

Karen Albert said...

I agree and love the green (malachite?) table and pillow. Of course I would be thrilled to see a work of art with touches of green in it!

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Kristie Franklin said...

You always seem to find the most loveliest images to drool over! The fireplace is beautiful...I've never seen anything like that before and I love the slipcovered furniture and beamed ceilings. :)

Teresa said...

i would add a fur rug in front of the fireplace but cozy nonetheless.

SD said...

Love the fireplace. I have one in my living room and I couldn't live without it. If I was able to Design A Room by scratch, the first thing I would put in it is a fireplace. When I was redecorating my home, I used Simply Decorate's online decorating page so that I could see how everything would look. Even though I work for them, I can honestly say their room designing tools and ideas were a huge help.

Francine Gardner said...

Great fireplace to sit by, and of course, I love the Living Room! I do miss a big fireplace in my living room, growing up in France, our winters meals were taken by the fireplace, then we would move on to the library or living the fireplace. The fireplace in the library has saved us many winters when we would loose power.