Friday, November 2, 2012

Dark kitchen storage..

I am daydreaming again, I know it will soon be a reality but my house is a mess. All of the furniture on the lower level is covered in plastic and not accessible.   Soon Soon they tell me that we can move all of our things back in and I am waiting (kinda) patiently.  I love both of these storage pieces and cannot wait for the piece that I am having made to come in!  So ready.

images via pinterest

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Karen Albert said...

I really cannot wait to see your custom piece with your lovely decor!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series

carolyn bradford said...

It will be wonderful, though when all is said and done! Love these storage pieces! Thanks for sharing!

Wild Oak Designs said...

Great them

Kristie Franklin said...

I love the dark cabinet with the creamy white dishes and pottery. It really makes for a beautiful display. I also love the light floors and the light finish on the chairs. Very striking!

Have a great weekend!

Vintage och Morrhår/ Maria-Isabel said...

ohhhhh, love those chairs you are showing on the first pic!!! Always so beautiful posts, thanks for the everlasting inspiration!

michele said...

inspiring! and so cozy!

smiles to you.


Divine Theatre said...

I just bought shelves very similar to the first photo. I was going to paint them grey but after seeing this post...


meenal bishnoi said...

The second image is just too gorgeous..if there were no dust issues here in delhi, i would so go for those endless open shelves...and fill them similarly! xxmeenal