Thursday, November 29, 2012

coming down...

I am sorry for the sporadic and delayed posts...  it has been a whirlwind birthday week here!  I am finally on the tail end of it smiling contently!

Thank you to everyone for sweet birthday wishes!  

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Kristie Franklin said...

I didn't know it was your birthday! ♫♭♩Happy Belated Birthday to you! ♪♬ :)

Keep smiling:)

Karen Albert said...

Dear Christina, I hope your birthday week was fabulous! Did you wear the fabulous attire above?

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Toni @ said...

Happy Happy Birthday girl!!!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to you, Christina! Thank you for taking time each day to bring us joy and beauty!


Elaine said...

Christina happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing year.

Loved the post today and yesterday...and the gorgeous pic this morning...


Laurel Bern said...

Happy Birthday! Nothing to apologize for though and I seem to get posts every day, anyway! Many happy and content returns Christina!