Tuesday, April 17, 2012

grey modern... love

This is a wonderful contrast of ideas.. I love the sliding metal door with the classic shutters and those Cherner chairs.  I want those chairs so so badly!  This just shows that they go with anything!

image found via pinterest from here
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GlamourCoach said...

Totally agree, it's beautiful indeed.

Le Style said...

Beautiful in contrast

Great day!

Karena said...

Christina it is stunning how this all works together so perfectly!

Art by Karena

PURA VIDA said...

that chandy makes me swoon

Mrs. Sutton said...

Fabulous, but how that chair manages to look voluptuous and yet so elegant at the same time is beyond me - I've been trying to achieve that combination myself for years - and I'm not talking about furniture!

Kris said...

Very nice...tres chic!

Unknown said...

A stunning mix! I love how they used the Cherner chairs rather than the more expected bergere. So appealing!

Judy G.

Eva Sabbado said...

wonderful, I loved!