Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Garden dreaming By Invitation Only

I am a little late to the party but let's just say fashionably late.  I have spent the last few months gathering inspiration for what is the beginning of what will be one of our longest personal projects here at home.  We are laying out the garden and it's rooms.  Living in California we spend a great deal of time outside.  In the summer months I work outside to be around the kids and to just have the fresh air.  Our yard is pretty good size for the neighborhood that we are in so we have quite a bit of room to create.  I want a small sitting area just off of the dining room similar to the one pictured above, a sweet space to have tea and waste away Saturday mornings reading magazines and books.

Of course my husband and I also want a pool, never having one really makes us want it all the more.   These are both so beautiful. 

I love the simple lines of these two pools nothing crazy just good clean fun!

I really love fresh flowers and Hydrangea are some of my favorites, we cannot seem to get Lilac to grow well here but it is so beautiful!  So near my sitting area we are planning for a large grouping of Hydrangea and some hedging to back it.

Of course we will have Wisteria along the structures near the house.

I have seen some really beautiful stone troughs that I have been dying to find a use for so we are looking for the perfect place to put a fountain.

We need some large hedges to block out a view from the street above which has been our biggest challenge!  These are fabulous!
 These are my dream items (items that the husband is opposed to) I would love to have some ladies in my garden to keep me company and give us wonderful fresh eggs.

Finally I really need a pool house with ivy and Hydrangea, don't you think.  Oh and this is a great example of what I have asked for surrounding the pool,  cement pavers with grass running between.

I am excited to get a plan in place and see these ideas come to life!

Stop by to see what the other ladies have done too.

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My Notting Hill said...

Beautiful inspiration images. We opened our pool this week. Haven't ventured in yet - waiting the arrival of the new solar cover so I won't feel guilty running the heater. Some people seem to dislike pools but if you are a "pool person" they're worth every penny.

Kathysue said...

Gorgeous images and each one would be wonderful to live in. We are getting the yard ready for this weekend's Easter celebration, pool getting cleaned, flowers being planted. Fun time of year, love the Spring,

Splenderosa said...

I don't think you would ever regret putting a pool in, especially with children. It is just such a good time for everyone. Did you see Vicki's post today with the water trough? A must see. Thank you for finding the time to join us, precious Christina, I so appreciate it. xx's

Chris said...

Loved your images, Christina. I wish I had a project oriented husband. I told my friend the other day that waiting for him to decide is like waiting for the sky to turn green!
Your yard will be so fabulous! A pool is so much fun for the whole family! Can't wait to see your design solutions!
xoxo, Chris

Sheer Serendipity said...

I can't wait to see what you do in you yard… I am sure it is going to be fabulous!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

May I move in too? You are describing my dream house! Beautiful and filled with inspiration!
I am a new follower, and fellow By Invitation Only gal.

LPC said...

I walked by a flower stand in San Francisco today, and saw lilacs in bunches in a bucket. And I thought, just as you say, we really can't grow them around here. But, we can have great swimming pools:).

PURA VIDA said...

And now you have made me want some chickens!

Looking Glass said...

Those pool areas are to die for!

~ Clare x

5th and State said...

you will love a pool! and such stunning images for your inspiration.

as a garden designer i am in the midst of teaching, pop over if you have time christina
happy easter

Lexie said...

who needs Paris? ;)

magnifique, Christina, absolutely exquisite photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

elisa said...

we're taking care of a friend's chickens in april, and they are so easy once you're all set up. we love them! i want some.

these images are just perfection, i love the sitting area, and the narrow pool looks perfect to me! what a gorgeous idea. i can't wait to see what you do.


Veronica said...

Hi Christina from a fellow BIO gal!
What a wonderful load of inspiration you have to work with! A pool is a load of fun for the kids and a must have in warm climate. I would be lost without mine!

Best of luck with the project!


Karen said...

I love each and every image. What fun you'll have planning and implementing your yard. The first image is one of my all-time favorite outdoor spaces. We live in California and find during the warmer months we are outdoors about 50% of the time. We're lucky, I believe, to have such cooperative weather.

Mrs. Sutton said...

All beautiful and exactly what I would choose too - particularly that elegant lap pool - dreamy! x

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Fashionably late with fabulous images...I want that fountain filled with moss...

Ivy Clad said...

Absolutely dreamy. I am having an outdoor room designed right now, so I'm especially loving all of your inspiration.