Saturday, April 28, 2012


Entertaining outside is my favorite with candle light and lighting in the trees.  It is such a fun simple way to extend your home with a long banquet style table and a graphic runner.  

Do you entertain outside?  I would love to hear your secrets to keeping it special and intimate.

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Karena said...

Christina adore this image,for outdoor entertaining; I like smaller gatherings, lots of candlelight and soft music mix in the background.....A little gift of chocolate at everyone's plate.

Art by Karena

Renée Finberg said...

this is too lovely!!!

these are the best kind of dinner parties.


christine mae Engcoy said...

It's really the best kind of place for a grand dinner. I appreciate the designs. Congratulations.

Kathysue said...

Living in California we entertain outside all the time. We have a small round table that sits right next to our Chimnea and we light the fire and lots and lots of candles, it is magical at night by the pool, Kathysue

Svenja said...

breathtaking. this place is so pretty i want to invite all my friends over and have a great dinner all together. i really like lampions outside and a lot of candles on the table to keep the intimacy..
love the picture!
<3 svenja

Tricia Rose said...

What a beautiful setting (both where it is and how it is set!). We entertain outside eight months of the year, with good food, candles and pots of flowers, but we tend to be very casual. I try to time my invitations to the moon and high tide as these are more spectacular than anything I could devise!

Wild Oak Designs said...

I love this look! I want to copy the long table look for our anniversary party, but it may not work with our patio....It is hard to get enough long tables the same size to pull it off!
We love to entertain outside, however we are fairly close to the beach and we get fog and cool weather so we often have to have "plan B" to be able to move back inside. Our "firepit" just doesn't work here, our backyard tends to be more of a wind tunnel. I love to entertain casually in the backyard!

The enchanted home said...

Outdoors is my favoreite...that first picture took my breath away, perfection!

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

I live in Greece and we mostly live outside during spring and summer! We prefer to eat our meals out at the veranda, and I like creating atmosphere with a lot of candles, sun lights and cozy little corners!

Acquired Objects said...

Once a year we move a chandelier out to the front maple and move a long farmhouse table out and have friends over to dine in candlelight. It's fun and easy to do when you're surrounded by a forest and nobody can see us out front.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Tulla and Catie said...

Wonderful decoration! Must be fun sitting there together with nice people enjoying good food and the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, the summer in Hamburg is very short and you can only enjoy such events spontaneously.
Greetings from Germany

ZSUZSA said...

What a beautiful table! I live in Hawaii, and entertaining outside is year-around for us. In fact we barely ever use our dining room, and even have our family meals outside. When hosting a dinner party, I love to move the table to the lawn to really be surrounded by nature.

Gareen said...

Al fresco dining is my favorite and I love to play off of the seasons to craft a complementary menu. This tablescape is gorgeous!

La Petite Gigi