Thursday, April 19, 2012

Details in design

I have spent the last few days picking out, organizing and shopping for accessories for my installations in a few weeks.  As much as it seems like it should be all fun it is still a lot of work.  Packing is not my favorite thing!  But the details are what makes it all come together.

I love this space and the trunk used as a table.  I wish that was what I was working with but alas I am not there just yet.

image from Euro Trash


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helen tilston said...

Good Morning Christina

What a peaceful and yet elegant corner. The trunk is so casually placed in the space and also adds to the appeal, in my opinion.

Wishing you a speedy success on your project

PURA VIDA said...

Rock and leather.mmmmmmmm!

Kris said...

Beautiful! I love this!

Gareen said...

So rustic and elegant, yet so masculine. I love this!

La Petite Gigi

French said...

LOVE...I have fewer Vuitton cases than farm crates, alas, but they are all beautiful~