Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boho bedroom..

There is just something about this room that seems so perfectly mixed.... so natural.
Happy Sunday.. I hope you have a chance to linger in bed and while relaxing today.

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la Brocanteuse said...

Loveley image, I agree...the hues are perfect together. love what you share on your blog! have you on my blogroll not to miss out on anything! hugs&XX Colette

The Cottage Child said...

Beautiful - thanks for sharing, I love that the lines are curvy and feminine, and the coloration and textures are more rustic and masculine. It's very romantic without being goopy. I have a vision for my own bedroom I've been unable to express for some reason. This gives me a physical image to work from, which helps when communicating these sorts of subtle details to my husband.

Karena said...

I love it Christine, very subdued soft old world look, and then the surprise pop of the zebra pillow.

Art by Karena

Acquired Objects said...

Love the mix and need a bench for my bedroom that size would be perfect. Enjoy your Sunday!


Jen said...

Nice eclectic mix--is that what makes it boho?

Looking Glass said...

Delicious! Love it! Especially the vintage map.

~ Clare x