Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another beautiful grey kitchen..

I love the backsplash in this kitchen and the mix of grey and white cabinetry.  

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!

image via pinterest
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Design is... All in the Detail said...

Beautiful! I think grey is becoming my new favorite color! Thanks so much for sharing and have a terrific Tuesday.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Beautiful! The mix of the white and gray cabinetry gives it life and makes it more interesting.

Courtney said...

Gorgeous!! Love the "X" in the glass cabinets. And I wouldn't mind that wine fridge either. :)

HRH The Duchess of State said...

beautiful indeed dahhling!

Acquired Objects said...

I want that lantern!

Enjoy your Evening!

Naomi Goodman said...

Not sure if my comment went through but I'll make this comment short. This is gorgeous, you have such and eye for beautiful decor and I cannot wait to paint our home in shades of gray one day! Have a great weekend!