Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paris flash back

I have been dreaming of going back to France for a few weeks now.  I wish I was able to go for the Maison & Objet show, my dream really.  Maybe for the Fall show...  but I have been looking through my pictures and realized that there is a lot that I did not share with you.  These are just a few pictures that I took inside the Louvre, I was a little giddy in there (my shoes were killing my feet and I think I may have lost it for a little while).  I took photos of things that made me smile as you can see!  
Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with things that make you smile!

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Karena said...

Christina my dream is to go to Paris and France in the Autumn! I will be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Fabulous images!
Art by Karena

Ann said...

Paris... unlike any other.

And, yes, Maison et Objet is an experience unto its own.

Acquired Objects said...

The architecture as well as the objets is fabulous. I need to go back to France too!

Enjoy your weekend!

la Brocanteuse said...

Absolutely stunning images, thank you for sharing. have a lovely day
Colette~South Africa

deborah said...

Beautiful. Love the photographs!
Hope you enjoy Paris.

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Oh so beautiful & inspirational.. even in the smallest details dahhling.

Riki Schumacher said...

LOVE your photos. I was there, and missed the angle, windows, well, much. I think next time I go I will try to keep my wits, stop staring and start shooting! Riki

Lauren and Marika said...

o0o0o Paris, such a wonderful and beautiful place! Lovely photos :) xx
Golden White Décor

Mary Anne said...

Christina: I LOVE your first photo. . . it made me smile!
You must know that it fits right in with the Parisienne personality. They are full of whimsey and good humor. . .I have been blessed with visiting both Maison de Objet and Paris. SAVE SAVE SAVE the experience is unlike any other!!! EVER! (and then to end up with French friends is a plus!)

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Ahh......Paris dreaming too! So easy to do.
Bonne semaine.

French said...

Your photos are beautiful and take me back to my home away from home, Le Louvre! Let's have a a virtual cafe at Marly while we are there!

Kris said...

Beautiful photos!

barby said...

Je ne vais pas te dire que je n'aime pas Paris : je l'adore et elle me manque maisntenant que j'habite en province.

Looking Glass said...

Oooh I'm forever dreaming of going back to Paris. Looking forward to seeing other people's posts on the Maison & Objet show.

~ Clare x