Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day dreaming... greige in the bedroom

I love the simplicity of this room.... it seems like it would be so easy to dream here day or night.
image via pinterest from here
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Linda Leyble said...

That's beautiful - very serene. I've been thinking lately that I may need a gray room - I have a few contenders in my home - 3 bedrooms. Hopefully this warm-tending, color loving girl will get into the "griege" vibe!

I've been running a "gray" series on my blog this month - would love a comment from you!

You have a very lovely blog...


Sheer Serendipity said...

I am going to be painting my bedroom soon a grey, I hope it will be as calming as this bedroom!

Ann said...

I'll never understand why Americans don't really use shutters and have them just for show. I love how they do in Europe.

Mary said...

I love that room. Very minimalist, and you're right. There's a lot of physical space, but it also gives one an uncluttered mind with room for lots of daydreaming.. :)

Jalon Burton said...

I could spend the day in that room! Laying in bed, PJ's on, sipping coffee, reading the Sunday paper, cuddling with my loved one...hmmmmmmmmmm. PERFECT!
Thank you for sharing.