Sunday, October 2, 2011


So I have decided that the greige fairytale series has run it's course here and I need to move onto something new!  Any ideas?
I have a few but would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!  This porch makes me think of lazy Sunday afternoons spent reading a book, an actual paper book with real pages, imagine that.

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Image via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

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Ann said...

I love the abundance of wood in that porch,

makes it look so much more inviting.

And the old books,

oh I'd love to read them in that comfy couch.

The pillows look so beautiful.

elisa said...

oh, i'd love to see greige details, just a focus on a single object for a space, maybe in series - like a series of lamps or tables or fabrics….


Karena said...

Christina, In this hustle bustle race we all run, seeing a place of restful respite is always wonderful to me. To read, relax with family, regroup.

Art by Karena

Tricia Rose said...

Texture, and contrasts - sensual stuff like mohair velvet and shaped wood: fundamentals~

Splenderosa said...

You've just inspired me to show my daughter how beautiful her little porch could be, and livable too. See you on Tuesday, lovely Christina...

Acquired Objects said...

My husband uses a kindle and loves it but I refuse to give up real books, love the feel of them in my hands.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Cindy Albert said...

I love your picture! Anything that connects me to nature makes me happy!

I liked what Elisa said, maybe a focus on fabrics, or furniture styles or lighting!

Happy Sunday!

Kris said...

Beautiful setting. I still DO read and purchase real books. I can't seem to bring myself to read off a kindle, its just not the same!

I am happy with whatever you decide to post. Your posts are always inspirational and beautiful.


The enchanted home said...

Such a pretty and very inviting setting...nothing like a cozy spot to pick up a REAL book, not a kindle (just not my thing as much as I tried to like it) and just get lost in a great book with no attention to the time....isn't that the best? I am sure you will come up with something good....

Charlotta Ward said...

Wonderful wonderful! I love the simplicity and warmth.
That table really makes the room for me! Love

xx Charlotta

MJH Design Arts said...

There is just something about a real book with paper pages, that papery smell and settling in somewhere cozy for a good read. thanks. Mary