Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A room with a view of Paris

When we stayed in Paris, I decided that staying in an apartment would be the way to go.  I had heard great things about the difference it could make in your trip.  Having a place to rest your head that was more of a home was very appealing to me.  I have been to Paris several times and my best trips were spent with a friend who lived there for a few years in an amazing apartment just steps from the Tuleries Gardens.  Both times I stayed with her I really felt like Paris could be home for me.  I knew the neighborhood and where I could eat comfortably as well as the great shopping that was near by. 

This time I wanted to stay as close as possible to the neighborhood that I knew.  Maybe not my best choice.  I struggled to find an apartment that worked for 3 of us in the 1st Arr. 

We settled in an apartment from A la Carte Paris in the 17th.  It was perfect for us, clean, comfortable and it had a cute little kitchen and a large bathroom.  The view was perfectly wonderful and the neighborhood divine.   Shopping was super close and quite good.  Even a small outdoor market several days a week, we were able to buy fresh food everyday and really enjoy all that Paris had to offer.

It made the trip and gave us the feeling of home!  I learned a thing or two about Paris and it's neighborhoods, there is more than one great place in the city and maybe I should give them all a try.

images by christina for greige

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eclecticrevisited said...

oh I highly recommend you do give all the neighborhoods a try!!! so much fun..
and your photography is divine..I have fallen in love with your wonderful view of Paris through your lens..

under spanish moss said...

Christina, we can't wait to go! We are definitely going to follow your tips. Don't know if we can wait until next spring. Have a great day. Angela and Renee

Chapstick Fanatic said...

ooh this spot looks perfect!


I Dream Of said...

Sounds divine. I totally agree, staying in an apartment makes all the difference in a Paris trip. I've done it twice now and absolutely love the experience.

Emom said...


Splenderosa said...

I so so agree with this, Christina. After your 1st visit anywhere, and you realize you wish to return to see more this is the absolute best thing to do.
I'm going to check out the rental link you posted.
Great information here today. xx's

elisa rathje said...

i'm so pleased that it worked out for you! i love renting apartments in paris, we've stayed in several neighbourhoods, each one has been amazingly different and wonderful in its own way. i am always astonished at what kind of glamorous places you can rent for less than a hotel. we love to go to the boulangerie after a long day out with the children, and bring home sweet and savoury tartes for a quiet dinner in a beautiful space. it does make it feel like home. x

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I am dying to go to Paris! I really like the idea of staying in an apartment vs. a hotel. It seems like you would really feel at home in an apartment.

The enchanted home said...

That is something I long to do..really immerse myself into the cutlure as a Parisian (a temporary one) as opposed to a tourist. We have stayed in amazing hotels which I have loved but I would love to experience Paris, Provence and Tuscany staying in an apt. in each place for a week or two...yep hopefully one summer I will spend my entire summer doing just that!!!! One can dream:)

@my casa said...

Thanks for the information!

Nice pics:)

aBroad said...

I agree, staying in an apartment anywhere increases the pleasure of a stay ! You can pretend you are a local for a few weeks and immerse yourself in the little day to day pleasures that living in Paris etc brings.
We used ParisPerfect.. our apt was on the corner of rue Cler and rue de Grenelle. It really was perfect. Other than that, we always stayed at the Hotel D'Angleterre on rue Jacob in the 6th .. ahh, if only we had bought an apartment there when they were affordable ! :)

Ann said...

Beautiful photos, Christina! Paris is surely the most romantic city.

And that dress is wonderful. Yours?

designchic said...

I definitely agree that an apartment would certainly give you a different perspective on the City. Have never done this in a city, but we are trying to find a beautiful one in NYC to rent for a few days.

atelier de campagne said...

It seems like every time I've gone to Paris it's rushed. We want to see as much as possible and we only stay for a few days. I think I want to do it this way next time: rent an apartment and stay at least a week. Thank you Christina. I hope to see you soon. We are in Amsterdam presently and will be goign to the South of France soon to do our shopping!


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jolly said...

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Charlotta Ward said...

Yes, I agree. A 'home away from home' always seem to be the most genuine and flexible way to experience a new city.
I would love the address of the place you rented as with our move back to Europe, there will be many trips to Paris in the next few years.

Please let me know.. (charlottaward@y7mail.com)

xx Charlotta