Friday, June 24, 2011

Kitchen clean and simple

I love the simplicity of this kitchen with just the right amount of texture to make it comforting.
The chairs make the space I think.

image via Vincente Wolf

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Splenderosa said...

Those chairs are the ones Joni @ Cote de Texas is always featuring. Wouldn't I love to have this kitchen!

aBroad said...

Fabulous !
Everything about it is perfect.

under spanish moss said...

Totally agree, the chairs make the space. Don't think you would get the same impact in the space without them. Have a beautiful weekend! XO Angela and Renee

eclecticrevisited said...

sleek lines and a little greige make this kitchen it!..

la Brocanteuse said...

Love the cerene colors of this kitchen - also adore the cabinet shown in left back corner, thank you for sharing
Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog and commenting about my is a labor of love.

I have to tell you that I have been a lurker here. I love this all things French. Greige is so everything you do here!

KL said...

Yes, it is a stunning kitchen! I love the size of the island! (I wouldn't trust myself with one of these though! Clutter breeds at my place and I doubt id keep that large island free of it! LOL)

Charlotta Ward said...

Wonderful kitchen indeed! Loving the sheer size of the 'island'! A dream for sure..!

I agree on the chairs. The texture is perfect. I think they could have done better with the table, though I do like the simplicity of the ensemble.

Happy weekend to you my friend.

x Charlotta

vicki archer said...

This is a beautiful kitchen.......Have a wonderful weekend Christina....xv