Friday, June 25, 2010

Design ideas from Darryl Carter..

It is possible that I am a little obsessed with Darryl Carter... but I saw this short video and I thought that you might enjoy another peek at his amazing house and hearing what he has to say about color and design.

Also, in a side note you can grab a copy of his book from Amazon on the side bar on the left...

More great clips from Sonu and Darryl here
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La Maison Fou said...

Loved that video, what a wonderful obsession to have!
Happy weekend.

Sonu said...

Thanks for sharing this! There's a new one on my blog today with him, too. Sonu

Glassveranda said...

He is just...brilliant!!! I bought his book. I love it! Have a nice weekend! :) Ann, Norway.